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Top Summer Activities for Families in Orange County

orange county family activities

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your next family adventure. There are plenty of fun activities in Orange County that are perfect for families of all ages. We’ve rounded up some of our top summer activities for families, from a fun coastal tour of California to amusement parks like Disneyland, LEGOLAND, and even classics like a drive-in movie. Let’s jump into the fun! 

Orange County Coastal Tour

Before we talk about how fun the Orange County Coastal Tour is, we have three words for you: custom pickup locations. Sick of trying to herd the family into the car for events? Best Coast Tours will pick you up from your hotel, rental, and more, meaning you can spend less time fiddling with car seats and more time enjoying the California coast. 

If you’re interested in exploring some of California’s most iconic coastal sights, this tour is for you. The comfortable vans are completely air-conditioned, and you get to experience the beauty of the Pacific Coast Highway without worrying about driving yourself. This tour is best for families with older kids who can enjoy exploring the California coast.

Discovery Cube Museum

Indoor activities are king in summer, and the Discovery Cube Museum in Orange County is a great educational experience for kids of all ages. Fun science activities engage young learners, while exciting and informative exhibits teach things like physics, momentum, and more. For the parents, this location is air-conditioned, family-friendly, and a perfect day trip for parents with young kids. 

If you’re looking for extra learning this summer, the Discovery Cube Museum is a kid-centric location perfect for keeping those curious minds sharp over summer vacation. Make sure to reserve your tickets in advance, and plan if you want kids to participate in fun science activities at the museum.

Van Buren Drive-In Theater

Summer isn’t summer without a drive-in theater. A quick drive out of Orange County, you’ll find the Van Buren Drive-In Theater, a fantastic summer activity for the whole family. Not only can younger kids make as much noise as they want from the comfort of your vehicle, but there are plenty of hit movies on offer, allowing them to relive some of their favorite titles in a new way. 

Check out the ever-rotating list of movies at this drive-in to find a film perfect for the whole family. Make sure to pick up some concessions on your way in (or bring your own, we won’t tell), and settle in for a movie experience unlike any other. 

Adventure City

Summer is a time for amusement parks, and what better way to jump into a summer adventure than with Adventure City? From roller coasters and classic amusement park rides to younger kid activity areas perfect for parents with small children, Adventure City is a great weekend trip for families of all ages and sizes. 

Experience classic rides, enjoy amusement park snacks, and make memories at this incredible location. Check the weather before you head out, as most of the park is outdoors, and buy tickets ahead to avoid the rush. You’re sure to have the adventure of a lifetime (or at least the summer) at Adventure City. 

Knott’s Berry Farm

The original amusement park in Orange County, Knott’s Berry Farm, is known for its seasonal events, incredible rides, and more. While the name may be misleading, there’s more to do at this “berry farm” than pick fruit. From rollercoasters and other amusement park classics to live music events, there’s always something new at Knott’s. 

The food is fantastic, the events are constantly engaging, and there are plenty of rides for everyone, from daredevils to toddlers, making this the perfect stop for families of all ages and sizes. Make sure to purchase tickets in advance and plan to participate in their seasonal events. 


You can’t plan a summer vacation in Orange County without mentioning Disneyland. This classic amusement park is perfect for kids of all ages. Explore classic rides, take pictures with iconic characters, and enjoy a turkey leg the size of your head if you’re brave. 

Amusement park veterans will tell you that the summer is the best time to go to Disneyland if you want to avoid long lines and crowds, so make sure to plan and try and pick a weekday to avoid crowds this summer. Make memories that will last a lifetime this summer by scheduling a Disneyland trip today. 



The only age limit on enjoying LEGOs is if you know better than to try and eat them, and the same applies to LEGOLAND (though good luck eating a rollercoaster). LEGOLAND is a great family experience perfect for engineers of all ages. Check out incredible LEGO sculptures and buildings, experience fun rides themed after classic characters, and participate in some fantastic live events hosted at this classic California amusement park.

Nearby hotels are perfect for visiting the park and taking a break for part of the day, especially with small children. Check out local hotels to see if they have ticket deals, and as always, make sure to reserve your tickets in advance. 

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park is perfect for the adventurous family looking to sneak in a bit of exercise on their next adventure. Who can resist floor-to-ceiling trampolines and other adventurous equipment perfect for adults and small children? Sky Zone should be at the top of your next itinerary if you’re looking for a fun family activity to make memories and wear out the kids. 

Located in Anaheim, CA, Sky Zone is perfect for birthday parties and get-togethers of all sizes. Be sure to purchase tickets in advance, and for those less-than-adventurous parents, remember: at least they have air conditioning. 


If you’re looking for more fun activities in Orange County, check out Best Coast Tours. From family-friendly tours perfect for learning more about California to adult-oriented tours like the Temecula Valley Wine Tour, there’s always something fun to do. With custom pickup locations and guided histories on California’s most popular spots, you will have a grand adventure with Best Coast Tours this summer.