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Top 5 Parks To Picnic At in Los Angeles

a large body of water with a city in the background
Spring is in full swing which means it’s time to hit the park for a picnic! A key part of a successful picnic is picking the perfect location depending on what you want. Whether you want to people watch, have a beautiful view, or be surrounded by dogs, there’s a park for you. Here are some of the best places to picnic in Los Angeles.
Echo Park Lake
Recently renovated and open to the public again, Echo Park Lake is truly one of the best parks the city of angels has to offer. With street and paid lot parking nearby, the park is easy to access and surrounds Echo Park Lake. With plenty of grass surrounding the lake, you can grab a spot with a view of the beautiful lake and palm trees, and even do some duck watching. Be careful of the geese, however, as they’re known to pick fights with small dogs and even children. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can rent a pedal swan from the boathouse for a journey around the lake.
Lake Hollywood Park
Though it’s a great spot to see the Hollywood Sign, Lake Hollywood Park is just as popular amongst the non-tourists! Limited street parking can be difficult, so plan in advance and try to carpool with your picnic group. Often scattered with dogs and fellow picnickers, this park offers a sweet escape in the Hollywood hills. Don’t be afraid to get your Hollywood Sign pics and make sure to bring sunscreen as this park has limited shade depending on the time of day.
Point Dume
Though technically in Malibu instead of LA, Point Dume is worth the extra drive! With a paid parking lot right on the beach, Point Dume is the best beach picnic spot. Offering a more chill place than Santa Monica, this spot boasts the best views of Malibu. You can either pick up food along the way from Malibu Farms or Lisa’s or bring any treats your heart desires. Plan accordingly for hot sand and bright sun so you can get the most out of your picnic. If you’ve got the time, there’s a small trail up the hill that allows for an elevated view of the coast.
Barnsdall Art Park 
For a hillside picnicking experience with a beautiful view of the city, hit up Barnsdall Art Park in Los Feliz. Sharing a property with the iconic Hollyhock House by Frank Lloyd Wright, this park is one of the more underrated spots in LA. Art programs and exhibits are also a huge part of the mission of the Park, which plays a key role in fostering the art community in the city.
Vista Hermosa
Last but definitely not least is the lovely Vista Hermosa park. You may recognize the bench and view from 500 Days of Summer, but the park is so much more! A sprawling landscape, this park allows for a beautiful view of Downtown, but also offers a large section more immersed in nature. In addition to areas to picnic, Vista Hermosa park features walking trails, streams, meadows, oak savannahs, and even a nature-themed playground.
LA has some amazing parks but if you’re looking to see a little more of the city, join us on our LA guided tour to see all the hotspots in one day!