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Southern CA Places To Go Apple Picking

apple picking

Fall is here, and what better way to celebrate the changing seasons than apple picking? Apple picking is an incredible experience for all ages. Not only does getting in touch with nature help raise your spirits, but you get to take home farm-fresh apples for all your snacking and cooking needs. 

What could be better than enjoying the fall weather with homemade apple cider or curling up with a slice of fresh apple pie? These farms in Southern CA offer apple picking and plenty of other fall harvest opportunities for the whole family. So without further ado, let’s explore the best places in Southern California to go apple picking this fall. 


Willowbrook Apple Farm

Founded in 1910, Willowbrook Apple Farm is located in Yucaipa, CA. This is one of the more popular apple-picking locations in Southern CA, so be sure to visit them early in the season. By October, they tend to wrap up their u-pick offerings, but don’t worry, there are plenty of other things to do at this adorable farm. This farm allows you to say hi to their farm animals, and you can also visit their general store for farm-fresh goods and foods perfect for stocking your pantry. 

They also host a wide range of fall events, from s’mores cooking to wine tasting, apple pressing, and meatball making. So if you’re looking for a great apple picking and fall celebration location in Southern California, Willowbrook Apple Farm deserves to be at the top of your list. 


Riley’s Apple Farm

Riley’s Apple Farm is located in Oak Glen and starts its apple-picking season after Labor Day. They offer exclusive weekday apple picking on appointment only, meaning you can get the orchard primarily to yourself. While their farm can get a bit busy over the weekends, they are open Saturdays from 11-4 and Sundays from 10-4. They are also open on Labor Day Monday if you’re looking to plan ahead for next season. 

If you’re interested in exploring their other offerings, this farm has its sawmill and creates furniture for purchase. They also offer blackberries in the summer season, meaning you can get plenty of sweet fruits all year. If you’re looking to enjoy fresh-picked fruit, check out Riley’s Apple Farm. 


Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard

Stone Soup Farm & Heritage Orchard in Oak Glen lives up to its namesake, offering a little bit of everything at their farm. Not only do they provide u-pick apples, but they also do farm tours, allowing you to get a feel for their homegrown artisan crops. They are committed to biodiversity, sustainable farming, and living with the seasons, and this all comes together to offer the unique experience of Stone Soup Farm. Their Apple Fair is a must-see event, as is their Seasonal Supper. If you want to get more in tune with nature, Stone Soup Farm is a great place to spend a weekend (and take home some great food). 


Los Rios Ranchos

Oak Glen is a veritable apple paradise during the fall, a case in point being Los Rios Ranchos. Right now, this farm offers u-pick apple picking for the whole family, making this a great weekday or weekend stop for apple lovers of all ages. But, of course, this farm has more to see than just the apples. This farm offers incredible crops and doubles as a wedding location for everyone looking for an understated back-to-nature celebration of their love. If you’ve made it this far into this list and are not a fan of apples for some reason, Los Rios Ranchos also offers u-pick pumpkins, perfect for the Halloween season. 


Stone Pantry Orchard

Stone Pantry Orchard offers u-pick for apples, blackberries, pears, and more. This Oak Glen farm also offers press-your-own cider, allowing you to bring home fresh apple cider made on the farm. They also offer farm tours and event spaces for weddings, school field trips, and more. So look no further if you’re looking to pick up pumpkins for the Halloween season. This farm has everything you could ever want for fall harvesting, so be sure to give them a visit! 


Moms Country Orchards

Are you looking for great apple picking in Oak Glen? Got a hankering for homemade jellies, jams, and preserves? Moms Country Orchards have got you covered! This family-style farm has everything you could want from a fall farm visit, from u-pick apples to a country store full of goods that will keep your pantry stocked through the winter months. This orchard was founded in 2002 by two moms and has the homegrown feel one would expect from such a cozy orchard. If you’re looking for an excellent u-pick experience, check out this farm! If you still want some of their delicious preserves but can’t make the journey, they also offer shipping services to enjoy farm-fresh goods from the comfort of your home. 


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