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Maximize Your Time At Disneyland!

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It’s finally time to visit the happiest place on Earth – Disneyland! With the rising cost of ticket prices, it’s become more and more valuable to make the most of your time while in the park. Here are some tips and tricks to save time and some sights you have to see to give you the ultimate Disneyland experience!

(Some of these tips may not be applicable during limited re-opening)

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Before You Go

Buy your tickets online and make your reservations – Buying your tickets online means you cut out waiting in the ticket line at the park. 

Magic Morning – When you purchase a 3+ day ticket, you receive a Magic Morning Early Admission for one of the ticket days. This gives you a headstart before the crowd to select attractions!

Download the App – The Disney Play app creates an entirely different park exploring experience. This app makes certain attractions interactable, keeps you entertained while waiting in line, has history and trivia, and so much more! Another must-have is The Disneyland app. With this, you can help keep track of your FastPasses, check on ride wait times, find your favorite characters, and keep track of where you’re at in the park! Both of these will help you tremendously!

Ride Time

Single Rider – Many attractions offer a Single Rider line. If you don’t mind splitting up your group on the ride, this line often moves quicker than the FastPass line!

Popular Rides – Hit the most popular rides first thing in the morning or right at the end of the day when the crowd and wait times are the lowest.

Indiana Jones – The line for Indian Jones is no joke but luckily the line is an experience on its own. Through the winding caves, you will find a series of symbols. To help you decode use your Disney Play app or visit this amazing blog post for a decoder and history on the ride.

FastPass & MaxPass – This guide by DisneyTouristBlog will cover all you need to know about these magical passes. Use them, they are your best friend.


Indiana Jones Restroom – As we talked about earlier, the lines for Indiana Jones can take a chunk of time. Because of this, a secret restroom was built in the line so you don’t lose your place! You do have to ask for an employee’s help for access to it though. 

Toowntown – Toontown is littered with surprises! Touch everything, look everywhere, and interact with anything you think can be moved!

Partyline – In Starbucks on Main St, you will see 2 old-fashioned telephones. Pick them up and listen in!

a statue of a man and a woman standing in front of a building

Dining Tips

Mobile Order – Many restaurants inside the parks allow for mobile orders to make pickups a breeze!

At The End Of The Day

Be in a line when the park closes – If you’re in line, you get to ride. They won’t kick you out just because the park closes. Getting in the last line right before close will ensure you get one last ride in!

Shows & Parades – If you are interested in watching shows or parades, always choose the 2nd showing. The crowd will be smaller so you will get a better view! If you aren’t interested, showtimes are a prime time to get in line for a more popular ride as most of the crowd will be enjoying the parade.

Shopping – Most of the stores stay open later than the attractions. Save your time during the day to get more rides in and look for souvenirs at the end of the day.

No matter how your day plays out at the parks, it will be a memorable experience regardless. After all, it’s called the Happiest Place on Earth for a reason! 


Happy exploring!


-Best Coast Tours