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Iconic Landmarks in Anaheim

anaheim california landmarks

If you’re looking to explore everything Anaheim, CA, has to offer, there are a few iconic landmarks you can’t miss. From the popularity of Disneyland to lesser-known gems like Yorba Regional Park, we’ve rounded up some of the top iconic spots to see in Anaheim. 

Whether planning your next vacation or looking for something to do this weekend, these nine incredible landmarks are worth the visit. So let’s look at the best iconic landmarks in Anaheim, California, without further ado. 


Who doesn’t dream of visiting Disneyland? This is an iconic part of California and one of the true gems of Anaheim. From the rides, the characters, the aesthetic, and more, it’s hard to pass up visiting the realm of Mickey Mouse and Co. whenever you head to the West Coast. Disneyland is always expanding, and with the newly-added Star Wars areas, there’s something here for everyone. 

If you held off on visiting the House of Mouse due to the pandemic, what better way to kick off summer than a trip to one of the world’s best-known vacation destinations? With several parks to pick from, countless activities, and hotels on the premises, it’s hard to pass up a visit to Disneyland. 

In 2023, Disneyland is celebrating its 100th anniversary, so what better time to schedule a trip to visit everyone’s childhood dream vacation? 


Downtown Disney

If you’re looking for the excitement of Disneyland without dealing with the parks, Downtown Disney is a great option. This shopping and entertainment district has all the fun of Disney without the entry cost. Explore countless restaurants, entertainment options, and plenty of stores as you stroll around this downtown area bustling with life. 

Downtown Disney always has countless events, making it a must-visit location for anyone new to Anaheim or locals looking for a fun day trip. Not only can you get plenty of souvenirs, but the memories you’ll make will last a lifetime. 

Anaheim Packing District

If you want great food, head to the Anaheim Packing District. This historic location is home to countless amazing restaurants, perfect for the culinary enthusiast in your life. In addition, there are over a dozen amazing food vendors and plenty of sustainable goods on sale at shops like SEED, making this a great day trip location. 

This iconic location features live music performances and an avant-garde aesthetic that’s hard to beat. So make sure to bring an appetite and your wallet. You’ll surely walk out of here with more food and goodies than you expected, so bring along a take-home bag and prepare to be amazed. 

Anaheim Garden Walk

The Anaheim Garden Walk may have a misleading name, as it’s more of a shopping center district than a garden. However, you’re sure to find plenty of incredible stores sprouting up here. In addition, the Garden Walk features over 460,000 square feet of outdoor dining, allowing visitors to soak up the Anaheim sunshine. At the same time, you can enjoy food from any of the amazing restaurants located here.

From entertainment areas like kid’s playgrounds and more to restaurants, shopping, and seasonal events like the Earth Day Market, the Anaheim Garden Walk is a great weekend adventure for anyone exploring one of Anaheim’s most popular shopping centers. Plus, thanks to how centrally located this shopping center is, you can stop by on your way to some of the other iconic Anaheim landmarks we’ve mentioned in this list. 


Angel Stadium

If you’re a fan of baseball, why not visit Angel Stadium? A well-known feature in Anaheim, Angel Stadium is home to the aptly-named Angels. If you’re looking for something fun, catching a game at this stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t want to miss. After all, who doesn’t want to root for the home team at their home stadium? 

Even people who couldn’t care less about baseball will appreciate the impressive size of the stadium itself and may even find themselves warming up to the idea of watching a game. Check out the Angel Stadium website for the latest schedule, or purchase a ticket to one of the games. 

Yorba Regional Park

A bit of a departure from the other items on our list, Yorba Regional Park is nevertheless an iconic spot to stop during your visit to Anaheim. This park is a fantastic place to step away from the hustle and bustle of Anaheim and enjoy some natural scenery. With trails to walk, nature to explore, and plenty of amenities, you will surely fall in love with this peaceful corner of Anaheim.

The park has plenty of spots for picnics, playgrounds, restrooms, and more, making it an ideal place to bring your family or enjoy lunch away from the city’s noise. There are also bike and paddleboat rentals available so you can explore the full breadth of the park at your own pace. To find out more about rentals or to check park events, check out their website. 

Knott’s Berry Farm

If you’ve never heard of Knott’s Berry Farm, you may wonder why this is an iconic piece of Anaheim’s history. However, Knott’s Berry Farm is much more than just a farm; it’s one of the first amusement parks in California. There is so much to explore at Knott’s; there’s no way you can see it all in one visit. 

From an iconic 1800s Ghost Town to rollercoasters, games, rides, live music, and more, Knott’s is a boundless well of entertainment perfect for the whole family. With seasonal events happening all year, and live music performances sprinkled throughout the park, you’re sure to find something for everyone at this stunning piece of Anaheim history. To purchase tickets or find out more, check out their website. 


Muzeo Museum

Housed in the historic Carnegie Library, the Muzeo Museum holds a special spot in the heart of Anaheim. This museum is more than just an homage to history. This cultural center offers community events and art projects while showcasing Anaheim’s history and cultural diversity. 

With a constantly rotating set of exhibits, you never know what you’ll see when you visit next. To find out what’s currently on display or to purchase tickets, check out their website. In addition, they host music and arts events and even accept submissions from artists and developers to find new and innovative ways to develop parts of Anaheim. What better way to experience the true spirit of Anaheim than at the Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center? 

Honda Center

We promise we’re not trying to sell you a new car. The Honda Center is an events center that showcases countless amazing performances every year, making it a must-visit landmark in Anaheim. Experience the wonder of Jurassic World: Live Tour, or hear some of your favorite bands as you’ve never seen them before, all at this incredible stadium. Since there’s always something new at the Honda Center, check their website for the latest performances and snag some tickets for you and your group. 


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