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Group Activities in Temecula

group activities temecula

Whether you’re looking for a family activity or planning a business trip, there are plenty of group-centric events in Temecula Valley. From the classic wine tour to unique events like an escape room, you’ll never be bored with these innovative group activities. 

We’ve included a wide range of events perfect for groups of all types and sizes so that you can schedule a work meeting or head to a show with your bachelorette party. Whatever kind of event you’re looking for, Temecula Valley is sure to please. 

Old Town Temecula Community Theater

How can you go wrong with community theater? From classic plays to stand-up comedians, this local community event has everything you could want from a group activity. Not only is visiting this community theater in Old Town Temecula a trip back in history on its own but by attending their events, you’re supporting future artistic endeavors in Temecula. How cool is that? Check out their online schedule for upcoming performances or purchase tickets.  

MindTrap Escape Room

Want to stretch your imagination and build team coordination at the same time? Check out the MindTrap Escape Room in Temecula. This escape room location features nine different scenarios, giving you a different ending every time you visit. Escape rooms are great for everyone, from older children to adults, and can be a great family or team bonding experience. MindTrap operates from two locations, so be sure to check their availability ahead of time and schedule in advance to get the room you want. 

Brainy Actz Escape Room

Another escape room in the Temecula area, Brainy Actz Escape Room, features games for children and adults, allowing for a comprehensive group experience. They tailor their hints and tips to the age range present, creating a customized experience for each group. On top of this, they offer rage rooms perfect for breaking things as a group and paint splatter rooms to let your creativity fly. You can schedule an appointment on their website and check out their escape rooms.  

Pechanga Casino

Hosting meetings or corporate events has never been easier than with Pechanga Casino. Not only does this location have a massive ballroom perfect for a corporate event, but it also has smaller meeting rooms ideal for personalized get-togethers. With restaurants on-site, you can meet over dinner at any delicious eateries and try your luck at any slot machines. 

Trust us when we say there’s more to do than just gamble. You’ll never run out of fun things to do at Pechanga Casino, making it perfect for business group events and family reunions alike. 

Temecula Berry Company

While Temecula is best known for its wine, there’s still a wealth of other farms in the area worth checking out. One such farm is Temecula Berry Company. If you want to try some of Southern California’s juiciest, sweetest blueberries, you can’t go wrong with this farm. 

Open during part of the year to u-pick groups, Temecula Berry Company is a great, down-to-earth experience that ends with juicy, ripe berries. Their farm store is open for one week in December for holiday shopping, so be sure to stock up on jams and treats the next time you visit. 

Temecula Creek Inn

You may find it odd to list an inn as something you can do as a group. We promise we’re not just recommending a nap as an activity! Temecula Creek Inn is a resort packed with group activities, from golfing to disc golfing and more. Temecula Creek Inn is a great place to visit if you want to host a corporate event or meeting and blend work events with entertainment. 

Not only can you stay on their campus, but there’s plenty to do at the resort, so you can schedule your stay and then go and play on their various courses. Make sure to check out their website to schedule your visit. 

Parlay Café

Parlay Café was made with business meetings in mind. If you’ve ever wanted a coffee shop that tailors to business professionals, you’ve come to the right place. With meeting rooms for up to 40 people, this café is ideal for workplace functions, giving you a calm, relaxing group location in Temecula Valley. If you want to schedule a meeting room or visit the shop for your work, head to their website to learn more. 

Temecula Valley Wine Tour

Since you’re already in the Temecula Valley, why not visit some of the iconic wineries in the area? With the Temecula Valley Wine Tour, you and your group can visit up to four wineries with complimentary tastings. You get a tasting flight at three of the wineries, and you can pick up lunch at one of the delicious vineyard restaurants. Plus, this tour features a custom pickup and dropoff location, meaning you can head out from your hotel. If you’re looking for a great tour that takes you and your group through some of the best vineyards in the area, the Temecula Valley Wine Tour is right for you.


If you’re looking for more tours in the Southern California area, check out Best Coast Tours. We offer plenty of tours along the coastline, allowing you to experience Southern California like you’ve never seen it before. To schedule a group private tour, check out our tours tab above. 

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