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About Us

The California Brothers


Hello, the love for travel is at the heart of everything about this company. After traveling to close to 20 countries, I came to the realization Southern California is just as epic as many places in the world – and it’s in our backyard! I love traveling, but I love showing travelers what makes my home great just as much. Come let your family explore with ours!


Traveling is more than a passion, it’s obsession! I’ve been all over the world, you name it and I’m probably been there – seriously. Flying and river rafting is my favorite local pastime. My family likes to call me ‘the camp counselor’ because I’m always organizing trips for friends and family!


I’m the goofy one, if there’s a prank to play on the brothers you better believe I’m the one behind it. Traveling is a love of mine, I know what it feels like to be a foreigner in a foreign land and love to help others feel at home. My passion is for the ocean, as a long time lifeguard I’ve visited and know the history of every beach in So Cal – love sharing these hidden gems with others!